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May 11, 2017

Naked Big Muscle Bodybuilders Live


Tom Johns stats: Age:27 years, Weight:210 lbs, Height:6’0 ft, Chest:47 in, Waist:35 in, Bicep:19 in, Thigh:27 in, Lang: English


Tyron stats: Age:26, Weight:190 lbs, Height:5’9 ft, Chest:54 in, Waist:30 in,
Bicep:18 in, Thigh:33 in, Lang: English


Leon Jackson stats: Age:28, Weight:250 lbs, Height:5’11 ft, Chest:45 in, Waist:29 in, Bicep:22 in, Thigh:30 in, Lang: English


Farris Caristeas stats: Age:29, Weight:210 lbs, Height:5’11 ft, Chest:48 in, Waist:32 in, Bicep:19 in, Thigh:29 in, Lang: English


Ivan Dragos stats: Age:28, Weight:210 lbs, Height:5’8 ft, Chest:54 in, Waist:30 in, Bicep:20 in, Thigh:28 in, Lang: English


Ty Smith stats: Age:30, Weight:250 lbs, Height:5’9 ft, Chest:45 in, Waist:29 in, Bicep:19 in, Thigh:30 in, Lang: English


Johnny Dirk stats: Age:27, Weight:185 lbs, Height:5’8 ft, Chest:55 in, Waist:28 in,
Bicep:18 in, Thigh:27 in, Lang: English

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