US Marine Timo ass fucks Lance Corporal Chris at All American Heroes

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All American Heroes says: Timo and Chris get aquainted with each other on the couch. Chris tells US Marine Timo why he decided to join the Marines and Timo shares a few stories of when he was out fighting in the Army. They share their war stories and some of the gruesome details from the battlefield. These war-hardened military studs have seen it all! They decide to turn their attention to the porno that’s playing on the TV across from them.

Timo is first to start rubbing on his cock through his army shorts. Not long after, he has popped a full blown chubby. Chris starts massaging the outline of his schlonger, while he cops a peek over at his buddy’s. They both take their man tools out for some fresh air and some fresh sucking! Chris grabs ahold of Timo’s long beautiful dick and strokes it lightly.

Timo tells him that it actually feels really good. Chris then starts sucking on it all the way down to the base and then back to the tip. Timo orders him to stand up so he can return some of the glorious oral. After he gets his fill, he pushes Chris down onto all fours and spits on his hole before he shoves his hard thick meat into him. Timo pounds him hard and his balls slap against Chris’s ass cheeks. Timo flips him onto his back for some more rough ass beatings. He spreads Chris’s legs apart and mounts his cock into his tight hole.

The tight ass clenching from Chris is sending Timo into pleasure town. Timo sits down and tells Chris he wants him to ride his cock. Chris, like a good soldier, obeys. He jumps aboard and starts bouncing all the way down while Timo gives him a reach around. Chris’ balls start to boil up with cum as he blows his load all over his stomach and squirts some on the floor too! Timo pulls out and lays Chris back to feed him his load. He shoots across every inch of Chris’ face and Chris licks up the cum. Get this video at All American Heroes!


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