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Big outdoors action man Hayden Richard gets naked for Paragon Men

Paragon Men says: Colorado: home to age-old peaks like the Rockies, and mesmerizing youthful erections like Hayden Richard. This golden find pans out to perfection with thick hairy armpits, runway looks and a tawny toned body. Plus a missile of mass destruction that could launch a pre-emptive war for Paragon supremacy.

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Hayden has a teacher fantasy, and once went to yoga class just to date the instructor. Later he worked on her downward dog because the wheelbarrow position is his favorite (he loves that part of female anatomy where back meets ass). Hayden prefers to play that way – with his Jack in the Box. read more

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Paragon Men William Vas nudist with a thick cock to boot Download Full Stud Gay Porn Movies Here

William Vas may be Romanian, but don’t call him Nadia. His name means ‘Willing Vessel” – and everybody wants a ride, or at least to stick the landing! This corn-fed 6’5″ stud was once the captain of a water polo squad but he’s now chucked the Speedos. Since you asked, he is an accomplished nudist. Enter the Paragon Men Penthouse to see why!

When dating, this Real Man likes to take people out of their element to experience their organic nature. See, he moonlights as a psychological nudist as well! Vas is also an electrician (he’ll get them cables humming) and his dream job? Full-time love slave. read more

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Marcel Hans Rodriguez


Paragon Men says: Gorgeous muscle man Marcel Hans Rodriguez just gets better and better. A little bit older but this tattooed stud with a beautifully ripped upper body still packs a punch, especially in the between the legs, crotch area. Marcel has a huge long cock and a heavy ballsack.

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Paragon Men: Black Beauty Darrin James

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Paragon Men Gio shows off his ripped muscle body and huge thick dick

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Paragon Men: Nude and non nude gallery

Paragon Men part of the Penthouse empire always has the most sexiest men. Here is a selection of nude and non nude hunks strutting their stuff. Click on the pictures takes you to the Paragon Men pictures at Men for Men Blog.

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Naked beefcake Rudolf Schneider our blue eyed muscle hunk

Paragon Men says: Rudolf Schneider’s big muscle blows that – imagined pleasures are the best – theory out of the water. His private Paragon pump show is more live action than a Las Vegas back booth bonanza.

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And what happens in Paragon’s Penthouse stays erect forever. Why are blue eyes always so damn piercing? Stab your eyes out ogling this 120kg hunk of in-demand beefcake. Rudolf is reminiscent of a smooth Romanian gymnast. read more

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