Cameron Jacobs is a spunky young guy with an oral fixation

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Dirty Tony says: Cameron Jacobs is a spunky young guy with an oral fixation. He loves getting dirty, and today is no exception. When I first met Cameron, he was bragging that he could fit his whole fist into his mouth.

Once I heard that, I knew I wanted this kid on my casting couch. With his slim build, slight musculature, and natural body hair, Cameron is just the type I like to give my oral exams.

He’s down for the challenge and eagerly grabs at my belt, trying get at the prize beneath my gray shorts. He reaches in and pulls out a semi hard big dick. He grins and starts slobbering on it. His head starts bobbing and he applies wet suction to the entire shaft.

Not content to just work on my cock, he flips on his back and undoes his pants; revealing a super sized big dick while he continues to lick my balls. Now that he’s nearly naked, he flips back into the doggy style, where his pucker comes into view.

I face fuck him, making his hole blow kisses to the camera each time he gags. His hole is looking so good, I’ve gotta get a chance to stuff something into it. I start smacking his ass and spitting on his hole. Then I work a finger in, followed by two, then my thumb. He moans as I plunge the depths of his velvet passage.

When I sit back on the couch, he climbs up on top of me and starts rubbing our cocks together. He jacks us both off for awhile until he’s ready for more cocksucking. He kneels between my legs and deep throats my meat, nearly choking on it.

I tell him I’m ready to bust and he asks me to blow my load on his hole. I spray several shots of cum onto his cheeks, trying to make one land on his pink pucker. Finally, a nice load of cum jumps from my cock onto his pink man hole. He flips over and happily beats a load out of his own giant penis, spraying his hairy chest and abs with love juice. Watch Cameron Jacobs dirty spunky video now!

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