Hot straight boy Jake Breeze jerks 3 huge streams of cum onto his pecs

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Dirty Tony says: Jake Breeze is sitting on my couch today and he seems to be as calm as ever. Especially for a first timer. Jake is your typical tattooed southern Californian. He’s tan from spending his days in the sun and his muscular tone shows his aptitude for outdoor activities. Right away he tells about how having a 3 way is one of his fantasies.

He shares how he had sex in his truck while pulled over on the side of the road. There were even other cars driving past him while it was happening! I chat with Jake for a bit and learn about everything he enjoys sexually. He loves to have oral sex, explains his technique, and tells me he likes when his trick is on top.

Once I squeeze every possilbe answer out of him, I let him loose and watch where things go. He Unbuckles his belt and whips out his cock and starts stroking it. He glides his hand up and down his shaft and his balls bounce around happily in his sack. He bends over briefly to expose his hairy virgin man hole and then retreats back down onto my couch.

Jake strokes his thick cock faster and faster until he moans loadly before literally shooting his splooge all over his chest. 3 huge streams shoot up onto his pecs and several smaller loads splash out onto his abdominals and pubic area. Hot load from a hot straight boy. Get this video at Dirty Tony!


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