Young pup Mitchell Waters fucks older guy Parker at Dirty Tony

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Dirty Tony says: Parker is one hairy muscled dude. And Mitchell Waters is a sexy twink with a cock that can’t be satisfied. I thought this might not be a very good matchup, due to the size difference between them. But it turns out this hot twink knows just how to fuck a hairy bottom stud. After a short chat, to get to know each other, the guys start to make out. With tongues plunging deep into throats, I can see that there is more than a little passion between these fuckers.

They start grabbing crotches and shoving hands down each others’ pants. Mitchell unzips Parkers shorts and begins bobbing on his knob happily. Parker returns the favor, savoring the delicious twink treat he’s discovered. Mitchell’s ready to get to some fucking and he sidles up behind Parker; who’s waiting on all fours for his penetration. The boy-cock slides in easily and he begins to pound away. Parker is enjoying the invasion of his secret passage and flops over onto his side to get it in deeper.

The boys scissor and moan while Mitchell nurses on Parker’s ample nipples. The pounding takes Parker off the edge of delirium and he begins to shoot pearl streams while Mitchell continues to thrust into his hole. Once the paroxysm of his orgasm had subsided, Mitchell was ready to let loose and ballful of his own jizz. He kneels above Parker’s face and coats the entire lower half with boy spunk. Globules of white love juice stick to the 5 o’clock shadow, glistening. Get this video at Dirty Tony!


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