English Lads says: Damian Willaby is a young straight lad with a great body, nice and smooth upper body and with muscular and hairy legs, he looks great in his clothes, but even more delicious when naked.

Today while Jack Windsor rubs Damian’s body with sun cream you can see the bulge growing in Damian’s boxers and its clear he is enjoying the sun and maybe his massage.

Jack doesn’t have to work too hard on getting Damian hard, since his uncut cock is as solid as a rock right from the get-go. Both lads really enjoy the sunshine and Jack is superb at easing fellow straight men into doing things they wouldn’t do in their private lives.

Jack shows off Damian’s cock real well and lets us see his hairy hole before after all this foreplay Damian unloads in Jack’s hand. Jack then lies down and shoots his own load.



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