Ripped muscle twink Lorenzo Gray pin up at Belami


Ripped muscle twink Lorenzo Gray pin up

Belami says: Lorenzo Gray is another hot ripped muscle twink hailing from Hungary. For a country of round about 10 million people they seem to have a very high proportion of very good looking young men. And so it is with Lorenzo. A tall slim young man with a nicely defined muscled upper body. Look at those abs there is not an ounce of fat anywhere to be seen. When he jerks off, as guys of that age and especially those Belami boys are inclined to do often, you can just imagine the huge streams of boy cum running down and filling those ridges in his stomach muscles. read more

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Enigmatic Boys says: Young lithe Dakota strips off a jerks his soft cock to a big erection. When he spurts his boy load it sprays him with creamy boy cum.

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Straight young black footballer Chris Willock strips naked and jerks his big uncut ebony cock

Fit Young Men stats: Chris Willock – Footballer – Straight Young Footballing Ace Chris Shows his Lean & Ultra Toned Body Age: 20 years old / Height: 6’1″ / Chest: 39″ / Waist: 31″ / Weight: 78kg / Straight.

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Elye Black falls to his knees sucking Alex Grand’s huge cock deep down his throat

Next Door World says: Trailing him to his hotel room, Elye Black tells Alex Grand he couldn’t help but overhear that Alex is staying at the hotel alone.

Alex sadly recounts that he had booked the room for him and his fiance’, but now that they have broken up, there will be no wedding and certainly no honeymoon.

Elye tells Alex he’s sorry but that the two of them can make the most of it anyway. Alex seems open to the idea and they agree to meet for drinks. read more

Viktor Rom leads Jacen Zhu’s bareback gang bang with Mario Domenech, Alex Kof and Alejandro Castillo

Lucas Entertainment says: There’s a lot of work going on around the farm: Viktor Rom, Mario Domenech, and Alex Kof are hard at work making repairs to the equipment. Alejandro Castillo brings Jacen Zhu over to the equipment garage to offer everyone some water.

But it’s his throat and ass the guys are interested in, and each guy gets his turn with Jacen. At 4:50 you can see Jacen working on all of the uncut cocks as he gets his ass licked. And at 7:45 the fucking begins with Alex raw-dogging Jacen while he makes out with Alejandro and Mario sucks his hard-on. read more

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Straight young naked football player Will Shaw jerks his huge 8 inch dick


English Lads says: Will Shaw is a young man who earns his living skateboarding and he shot to fame a few years ago by appearing on ITV’s Magaluf Weekender, back in 2013 he caught a lot of gay men’s attention since he was running around naked on the TV show and his cock is one that hangs long and he gets semi very easy.

Today’s shoot is a great example of that, he hardly seems to do soft, before you know it his cock is hard and Will is one of these lads who can’t not touch. He is constantly playing with his cock and he loves it. read more

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Robert Longwood

Robert smacks his ass before he spits his load out all over himself!…… read more

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Gorgeous cute hunk Trystan Bull solo jerk off

Trystan Bull says: Trystan Bull is new to the scene in this somewhat bashful solo performance. Sent to a casting, Trystan learns the ropes as the director rather callously puts him through the paces of a standard porn interview.

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Trystan disrobes and shows of his semi hard cock, bends over and exposes his meaty ass and flexes his ripped muscles to the director’s approval. Having seen enough, the director dismisses Trystan and tells him to wait in the adjacent room for later. read more

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Diesel Washington and Sean Duran


Men Over 30 says: Diesel Washington notices that Sean Duran is watching porn and it becomes very awkward when Sean stands up to give him his tip.

After a few minutes of watching Sean shower so gracefully he steps out of the shower and notices Diesel standing in the doorway with towels for him.

Diesel manhandles Sean in every way possible as he pushes his legs up high over his head and licks his ass cleaner than a shower ever could. read more

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Hot naked straight dude Dan Muller strips naked and jerks his big uncut cock

English Lads says: Dan Muller is a tall young man at 6’4 and has long legs and a slender and muscular body, slightly shy until his clothes come off and then you can enjoy the other long muscle.

Dan’s real hung, has over 8 inches of uncut cock and its real fat and he is one of these lads who can’t leave it alone.

When I asked him how much he plays with his cock, he replied, can be up to 6 times a day. read more