Naked muscle stud Rod Daily fucked in the ass by bearded hunk Andrew Stark

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Rod Daily says: Rod has always been this way; he’s broke again.

He’s been avoiding calls, texts, and emails from his apartment’s building manager, handsome Andrew Stark.

He doesn’t have the cash, the credits, or even the sweet talk skills to pull himself out this time. But he does have a sweet, tight asshole to offer.

When Andrew shows up at Rod’s door, Rod’s caught off guard, with no excuses.

Andrew comes in, pissed. He’s liked the look of Rod’s since the day he moved in.

In fact, Andrew’s been waiting for the right time to come over and pressure poor Rod into giving up his tender man hole in lieu of rent money.

Now he’s got him. Rod’s pretty easy going about the whole thing. In fact, Rod’s wanted a taste of Andrew’s big cock from the day Rod signed the lease agreement.

Watch Andrew enjoy Rod’s hard sucking mouth on his erect dick, just before the two get into some hot mutual blowjobs.

Then Andrew gets down to business as he stuffs Rod’s eager ass hole hard and deep.

Pumping away in long slow piston action until he’s ready to blow his load.

His climactic cumshot is followed with Rod’s equally massive shot of cum across his ripped muscle body.

Both collapse on top of each other with a self satisfied if not sticky glow. Watch naked muscle stud Rod manhole get reamed by Andrew!

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