Cameron and Tanner


Sean Cody says: Tanner takes Cameron’s huge raw cock deep inside his tight ass cheeks. Sexy tanned muscle boy Tanner has learned the pleasures of bareback ass fucking first hand. He ain’t complaining and neither is big dicked Cameron.

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Hungarian Vadim Farrell bareback fucking Czech Tom Pollock at Belami

Hungarian Vadim Farrell bareback fucking Czech Tom Pollock

Belami says: After a busy morning looking around the Christmas markets Hungarian Vadim Farrell and Czech Tom Pollock head back indoors to get better acquainted. As they rush up the stairs they remove some clothing and get comfortable on the couch. Vadim looks extremely sexy in his black track pants and a sleeveless black vest.

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The boys start to kiss as soon as they hit the couch. Vadim lifts Tom’s grey sweater to reveal a ripped set of abs which he smothers in kisses. Kissing Tom’s nipples Vadim quickly dispenses with tom’s jeans revealing a cool pair of black and white undies with a Rolling Stones tongue motif. Very Sexy! read more

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Bareback gangbang anal orgy in the woods with Jona Clerk, Johnny Hill And Tom Smith

Sweet and Raw says: Anyone who’s ever lusted after other twinks or young jocks will immediately identify with Jona Clerk. He’s a cute, nerdy twink all alone by the side of a lake.

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Lee Foxx and Maxim Moira


Bare Adventures says: After some sexy playing with each other’s dicks, Maxim Moira pushes Lee Foxx to the bed, pulls a leg high and does what any horny twink would do when he’s got a smooth pink hole at dick level.

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Alex Orioli and Tom Pollock

Alex-Orioli-and-Tom-Pollock-Belami-Gay-Teen-Porn-gallery-stars-young-naked-boys-horny-boy-nude-twinks-Belamionline-bareback-01-gallery-video-photo - copia

Belami says: The good thing about Tom Pollock is that he is always willing and eager to learn new things, so when he was presented with the opportunity of topping Alex Orioli we didn’t need to ask him twice. This is his first ever scene as a top, so be gentle.

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Daniel Mathis and Brian Jovovich


Belami says: Daniel Mathis is the new blond muscular bottom at Belami. Here he gets barebacked fucked by Brian Jovovich. Hot Scene.

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Edward and David


Sean Cody says: Tattooed smooth muscle stud David has a light covering of fine fur on his pecs. David bare fucks sexy new muscle boy Edward in every position possible. With Edward’s legs open wide hanging over David’s shoulders, it gives David’s hard erect dick deep access to this young muscled cute guys virgin asshole. The hard fucking continues until both horny fuckers can hold fire no longer. Both let loose with stream after stream of hot muscle cum, splattering their rippling abs and pecs. read more

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Chad and Eddie


Sean Cody says: Sexy hairy chested muscle hunk Chad slips his huge thick black dick deep between Eddie’s bubble butt ass cheeks. Chad bare fucks Eddie hard and rough pumping his raw cock deeper and deeper until his balls are ready to give up their man seed. Chad explodes in a huge cumshot across both muscle men.

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Bill Eld and Dick Trask


Colt Studios says: Showers, locker rooms and men with huge cocks This two-for-one pre-condom era scene has all of the above and more. In ‘Handspray’ Bill Eld (aka ‘Billy’) and Long John join each other in the shower for a very hands-on experience.

In ‘Sweathogs’ Dick Trask and Mark Rutter meet up in a men’s club locker room for a down and dirty, extra-sweaty fuck-fest. Dick’s big cock cannot be concealed under his towel; strolling around with his big tool on display he soon finds an eager playmate. read more

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