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English Lads says: Danny McCaw is a straight man who plays a lot of football, works out at the gym and knows quite a lot of our models and this helped a little when it came to today’s shoot; he had toyed with the idea of playing with a dildo and didn’t like the idea, but after a few months of persuasion he came round to it and Danny is one of these models who when he commits he fully commits. read more

Hot straight young British dude Jasper Hale jerks his huge uncut cock to a massive orgasm

English Lads says: Jasper Hale is a young man introduced to us through Cameron, he started off slightly shy and wasn’t sure he should be taking off his boxers, but once he became relaxed he sort of warmed to being naked and then once his uncut cock was in his hand he couldn’t take his hands off it.

Don’t you love straight men who don’t want to show their naked bodies and then once they do, you can’t get their clothes back on them. read more

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English Lads says: Louis Barker is a hunky young lad who is solidly built, he’s packing a lot of muscle due to all the sport he plays, and the gym work.

His upper body is solid, and his legs really muscular, and he has a lightly hairy body, from the stubble on his handsome face through to his legs and bum, this guy is very masculine and when he takes off his undies he shows his chunky uncut cock which quickly gets rock hard when he starts wanking. read more

Casias Bradley does a great job pumping his slightly hairy hole with the huge dildo

English Lads says: Casias Bradley is back and is brave enough to have a play with a dildo; he was a little unsure if this was something he should do on camera, but once we got underway he lay back and got on with the job in hand.

He does a great job at pumping his slightly hairy hole and mixes up the poses and positions and end up sort of enjoying it a little.

So if you look what happens after he has pumped his big uncut cock while pumping his hole, then a massive mess, he shoots cum everywhere. Well done Casias we love straight men exploring their holes. read more

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English Lads says: Jaxon North is a handsome young lad, full of confidence and heavily muscled, he has stunningly strong upper body and legs, tattoos, stubble and an easy handsome smile.

He clearly keeps himself fit and is proud of his amazing physique, he pulls off his pants with a massive grin, and plays with his uncut cock, which gets big, and massively thick.

He bends over, showing us his hairy hole, pulling apart his cheeks, then wanks himself, filming some of it himself, he hands round that thick dick. read more

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English Lads says: Jack Montague is a really good looking young lad, fresh faced, smiley and very easy on the eye.

He’s lean and fit, muscular while retaining a natural look from playing lots of sport.

He’s relaxed on camera, but was wary about whether to do anything with another guy, but agreed to a massage, so he starts with a bit of baby oil on him.

We massage his legs and back, then we slowly pull down his pants, showing his pert bum and he flips over and lets his cock be massage until its solid, thick and meaty. read more

Chris Little sucks down hard on ripped straight dude Jonas Webber’s 7.5 inch uncut cock for the first time

English Lads says: This is a video taken during the photo shoot; straight lad Jonas Webber is certainly up for having his boundaries tested and today he came along for a massage and the shoot went on a completely different track.

Naughty Chris Little took control and stripped Jonas and grabbed his cock, no teasing and Jonas’s cock came straight up to attention.

So he then ends up wanking Chris and the lads are having a lot of fun working together. read more

Sexy straight young ripped dude George Long strips out of his sexy undies and jerks his big uncut cock

English Lads says: George Long is one of these slightly quiet young men, plays a lot of football and has those great strong legs, very hairy, that he shows off perfectly when bending down to touch his toes.

He does a great job at stripping, when his uncut cock comes out its rock hard from the outset, not sure this young man does soft, he loves playing with it and its one of those rocket type cocks that sticks straight up in the air banging against his abs he is so erect. read more

Straight young ripped dudes Jack Montague and Dominic Moore are happy wanking each others’ big uncut dicks

English Lads says: Not sure who is out their comfort zone the most today; Jack Montague had a massage in his last shoot and Dominic Moore was by himself.

Today they are both great fun on camera and wank off each other’s lovely cocks and there is no issues staying hard today so it looks like both these straight young men are pretty handy when it comes to wanking off another man.

Well done lads for getting on and doing such a great job; lots of teasing, wanking each other, showing bum in loads of positions and well simply excellent ending. read more

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English Lads says: Jack Ashton has taken a long time to come round to doing this shoot, largely because his mates all know he does this and he didn’t want the extra abuse from them.

So thank you Jack for letting us record on camera what you don’t do in your private life and that’s let a guy touch your cock. The girls are definitely very lucky to get Jack’s big uncut cock in their holes, we can only dream. read more