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English Lads says: James Craig is a personal trainer, quite relaxed on camera, slightly awkward at the beginning but as his clothes come off he is another of these lads that fully relaxes once his cock is in his hand. He has one of these uncut cocks that gets real hard and points up like a rocket, he is almost hair free and when he lies back you can see his hole in all its hairless glory.

He loves wanking his uncut cock and after all the teasing he lies back and shoots; not ordinary orgasm, James shoots a couple of loads over his abs and continues shooting further, he covers himself in cum, this lads know how to orgasm. read more

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Sneak Peek muscular straight lad Tom Hardy assplay with a sex toys


English Lads says: Tom Hardy is a huge, muscular guy naturally tall, broad and very hairy quite a domineering figure but he’s a smiley, easy going chap at heart, very handsome, and we managed to persuade him to experiment and gave him access to our toy cupboard.

He settles into it well, he starts by allowing us to push a straight purple dildo into his hole, gently does it. He then takes control, and pushes it deep in, then swaps it for some beads, and then moves on to the red butt plug. read more

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Sneak Peak Jake Cavendish


English Lads says: Muscular young lad Jake Cavendish has really great definition especially in his chest and solid upper body. He’s very happy to strip off. He has a few tattoos which compliment his physique, and a light layer of hair on his chest. Jake strips off for us, showing off his muscles, and obliges when we ask to see his uncut cock.

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Young straight lad Connor Wickham probes his virgin ass hole with a big dildo

English Lads says: Connor Wickham is one of these young straight lads who has started to warm to the idea he can do things on camera he wouldn’t do in his private life and today you see the first step of what that means.

He strips and shows off that well toned and muscled body and lovely long uncut cock with hair in all the right places; his body is smooth and his legs are really hairy.

Connor does a great job at playing with a dildo and pumps his hole in and out and in and out and that goes on many, many, more times. read more

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Connor Wickham jerks his big uncut dick to an orgasm shooting a massive load over himself

English Lads says: Connor Wickham is a handsome young straight lad who could be persuaded to do a bit of experimentation. So we’ve put the idea in his head that he should try using some toys.

He has a lean muscular smooth body, and he lays back on the bed and starts wanking before grabbing any dildos, but when his uncut cock is rock hard he reaches out of the nearest dildo and lubes it up and slides it slowly into his ass. read more

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Sneak peek shy boy Jenson Shaw jerks his huge uncut erection to a massive cumload


English Lads says: Young lad Jenson Shaw is slightly shy, but he likes the idea of showing off his body and what a great body this young man has under his clothes.

He believes he is just another average lad with average body and we know a little different. He has a nice size body, just perfect size muscles and really good definition and to top it off he is hairy and has a nice big uncut cock that gets real hard. read more

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Sneak Peek handsome young straight lad Hunter Hay jerks his big uncut dick


English Lads says: That fantasy moment when an electrician comes to your house and he turns out to be a handsome young straight lad. Hunter Hay could definitely fulfill a few fantasies. He’s a really good looking young man, lean, tanned, with just a few tattoos.

Hunter has a fresh face, mostly smooth body, and cheeky grin. His tool belt is hiding all his tools. And it only draws attention to his groin as he wears it just over his boxer shorts for us, and grabs his package temptingly. read more

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Sexy young straight stud Zane Bradshaw strips down to his tight undies then jerks his huge uncut dick

English Lads says: Young straight lad Zane Bradshaw isn’t shy, he is one of these young men is naked at home and doesn’t mind wandering round if people want to have a look.

Another of these young men with a bigger than average cock, its always seems to be the bigger boys that love being naked and Zane is no exception. He is pretty long when soft and his cock rises up to 8 inches when erect. read more

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Sneak Peak Harry Long


English Lads says: Harry Long enjoys showing off his body and has a nice long uncut cock to top it off, which he casually plays around with and gets himself very hard, his cock looking great when he rock hard and tensing all his muscles.

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Hot naked Rugby player Jack Marlborough strips and jerks his 9 inch uncut dick


English Lads says: Jack Marlborough is one of these super confident young teenagers, at just nineteen he has played lots of rugby and swimming and working out at the gym and as you can see its developed a fine specimen of manhood with great size muscles and really strong definition.

Jack enjoys showing his muscles and just cant wait to strip down and enjoying showing us how he looks in some different and quite small underwear and jock-strap. Though there isn’t much room to put his tackle, since Jack has a big uncut cock about nine inches long and real thick. read more

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