Sean Duran has his face buried deep in Dominic Pacifico’s ass slurping and licking that sexy round ass

Extra Big Dicks says: Jace Chambers is cleaning up the workout area and Dominic Pacifico is coming in to get ready for his client. Based on Jace’s quick answers to his questions, Dominic suspects that something might have happened earlier. Jace leaves and as Dominic is getting things ready, Sean Duran shows up for his session.

Dominic helps him put on his boxing gloves and the two hit the bag with Sean hitting it hard. After a little while, Sean asks Dominic where his boyfriend is and Dominic tells him that he went home. Sean asks if they are open with each other and makes a move on Dominic. read more

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Jay Alexander huge 9 inch dick pumps away at Eli Lewis’ tight asshole

Extra Big Dicks says: Jay Alexander and Eli Lewis are in Jay’s bedroom kissing passionately and rubbing each other all over. It is the moment of truth for Eli tonight and the question is, Can Eli handle Jay’s big cock? He is extremely nervous and hesitant about the whole situation.

He has to fit 9 inches of long dick plus girth into his tight little butt. After some reassuring from Jay, Eli agrees for the big step. Eli starts out by sucking Jay’s big thick cock gagging and taking every inch down his throat. read more

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Alexander Garrett’s punished by the full thick length of Rego Bello’s huge dick

Men for Men Blog ExtraBigDicks-Alexander-Garrett-Rego-Bello-huge-raw-dick-bareback-anal-fucking-cocksuckers-001-gay-porn-pictures-gallery Alexander Garrett's punished by the full thick length of Rego Bello's huge dick Extra Big Dicks

Extra Big Dicks says: Alexander Garrett and Rego Bello have just returned from getting their STD Test Results and are both super excited because after many years together, they are going to make love bareback.

They agree that as lovers they will only go raw with each other and when playing with others they will use condoms.

Soon they are naked and Rego is sucking on Alexander’s big uncut cock. They then move to the bed where they continue sucking each other’s big cocks in a 69. Rego then moves to Alexander’s ass and starts rimming him. read more

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Mario Costa and Shane Jacobs


Extra Big Dicks says: Mario Costa has a sexy thick cock and Shane Jacobs loves the uncut dick and so he spends much needed time with Mario’s lovely cock.

See Mario Costa and Shane Jacobs fucking here!

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Hoytt Walker drops the kilt and begins fucking Fernando Del Rio hard and deep

Extra Big Dicks says: Hoytt Walker ordered a kilt and the package has finally arrived at home. He opens it up and is excited to put it on right away.

After he gets it on, he begins to pleasure himself and we can see the outline of his big cock through the fabric of the kilt.

Fernando Del Rio comes into the room to join him and is equally excited seeing Hoytt wearing the kilt with a big hard cock underneath. read more

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Jack Andy pulls out his massive cock with Alex Gray on his knees doing his best to suck his entire huge cock down his throat

Extra Big Dicks says: Jack Andy is in the locker room wearing a very loose fitting pair of shorts and playing with his massive cock through the shorts. Alex Gray walks in and at first Jack tries to hide himself, but Alex is obviously interested and asks him ‘Is that thing for real?’

Jack then pulls out his massive cock and Alex is soon on his knees doing his best to suck the entire thing down his throat. Jack’s cock is massively thick and long making it extremely hard for Alex to deep throat his throbbing cock. read more

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Hot twin Jacob Stax’s huge cock rips a hole in Sean Harding’s bubble butt ass

Men for Men Blog Jacob-Stax-Sean-Harding-Hot-twin-brother-huge-cock-bubble-butt-ass-ExtraBigDicks-001-gay-porn-pictures-gallery Hot twin Jacob Stax's huge cock rips a hole in Sean Harding's bubble butt ass Extra Big Dicks

Extra Big Dicks says: This scene opens at the end of Part 1 with Jacob Stax asking twin brother Michael Stax about what went on when he went into the exam room. Michael is not telling him details, but assuring him it will all be fine and he will like it.

Just then Sean Harding walks into the waiting room and asks for Jacob to come to the back with him. Once inside the exam room, Sean explains that he will be getting penis measurements for the Twins Study and for him to take his pants off. read more

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Scott Cage


Extra Big Dicks says: Scott Cage is enjoying a nice relaxing swim in the pool before he heads inside for an interview with the director. The director wants to get inside his head and then film him beating his fat cock until he comes all over the blue swimsuit.

Once inside some of the questions range from ‘How did you know your cock was big?’ to ‘What kind of men do you prefer?’ They go over lots of sexy interesting questions to perk any viewer’s interests. read more

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James Stevens bends Jay Donahue over rimming his hairy ass with his inquisitive tongue

Men for Men Blog ExtraBigDicks-James-Stevens-bareback-hairy-ass-fucking-Jay-Donahue-rimming-bubble-butt-asshole-cocksucker-raw-dick-sucking-001-gay-porn-pics-gallery James Stevens bends Jay Donahue over rimming his hairy ass with his inquisitive tongue Extra Big Dicks  Porn Gay nude ExtraBigDicks naked man naked ExtraBigDicks Jay Donahue tumblr Jay Donahue tube Jay Donahue torrent Jay Donahue pornstar Jay Donahue porno Jay Donahue porn Jay Donahue penis Jay Donahue nude Jay Donahue naked Jay Donahue myvidster Jay Donahue gay pornstar Jay Donahue gay porn Jay Donahue gay Jay Donahue gallery Jay Donahue fucking Jay Donahue ExtraBigDicks com Jay Donahue cock Jay Donahue bottom Jay Donahue blogspot Jay Donahue ass James Stevens tumblr James Stevens tube James Stevens torrent James Stevens pornstar James Stevens porno James Stevens porn James Stevens penis James Stevens nude James Stevens naked James Stevens myvidster James Stevens gay pornstar James Stevens gay porn James Stevens gay James Stevens gallery James Stevens fucking James Stevens ExtraBigDicks com James Stevens cock James Stevens bottom James Stevens blogspot James Stevens ass huge cock hot naked ExtraBigDicks Hot Gay Porn Gay Porn Videos Gay Porn Tube Gay Porn Blog Free Gay Porn Videos Free Gay Porn ExtraBigDicks Tube ExtraBigDicks Torrent ExtraBigDicks Jay Donahue ExtraBigDicks James Stevens ExtraBigDicks Extra Big Dicks big dick

Extra Big Dicks says: James Stevens is preparing his play room when he hears a knock at the door and goes to let Jay Donahue in. Jay is a little nervous when he enters the space, but James takes control and starts by kissing and groping him.

He pushes Jay down to his knees and has him nuzzle his cock through his jock-strap for a while before pulling it out and shoving it down his throat. Jay is eager to please his Sir as he sucks James big long cock. read more

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Jacques LaVere and Liam Harkmore

Jacques gets his meat all the way in pounding Liam’s eager ass!…… read more

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