Straight young men Tyler Hirst and Jasper Hale sucking huge uncut dicks


English Lads says: Straight lad Jasper Hale is back for some playing and today he is taken on quite the journey with Tyler Hirst. Not only does Jasper get his first man wank, but Tyler pushes him and gives him a great blow job.

Jasper doesn’t seem to mind and his cock gets lovely and hard and doesn’t seem to go soft at all in the shoot. Jasper then is bent over and Tyler pulls his cheeks apart so his hole gets a right good showing and spanking.

After all this playing Jasper lies back and shoots a nice load of cum over himself, squirt after squirt.


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Sexy young man Leo Howard strokes his huge uncut dick


English Lads says: Leo Howard is a young man who plays a lot of sports and works out hard at the gym, he is one bundle of tight muscle and he has just discovered how much fun you can have while showing off your body. He is a friend of Aiden’s who comes into the shoot for a few minutes to lend a hand.

Leo once naked can’t keep his hands off his uncut cock, which is soon lovely and hard and Aiden come into to help Leo show off his hole, holding his legs up high and wide, giving is a great view of Aiden’s hairless hole.

After all this teasing he does a great job at lying back and unloading his cum.


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Max Meyer jerks his big thick uncut dick to a huge straight man cumshot


English Lads says: Max Meyer is a straight man with a fantastically muscular and real ripped body, he works on a farm so when not at the gym he is pretty much always working his muscles. When his shirt comes off he really enjoys showing off his body and as you can see he isn’t shy about any part of his body.

His big thick uncut cock comes out and it’s a nice generous size when soft and gets real hard like a rocket and he loves teasily wanking it and putting on a great show for us.

His hole is a hint hairy and he shows is loads before lying back and what a great and intense cum shot, well done Max, what a great performance.


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Sneak Peak beautiful sexy straight muscle stud Tyler Pierce jerking 8.5 inch cock

English Lads says: Tyler Pierce is a beautifully stunning straight hunk and today is no exception he looks sexier and more ripped and muscled than ever. With just a little hairy stubble on his face, the rest of his athletic muscular body is super smooth. Tyler has a really well defined muscled chest, solid bulky legs and a great overall muscular physique. He certainly turns heads wherever he goes. read more

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Cameron Donald is the first guy to touch Marc Bozzi’s big uncut cock


English Lads says: Marc Bozzi is a young man who likes showing off his body and today he lets Cameron Donald be the first lad to touch that finely tuned physique and grab a handful of his uncut cock.

The shoot starts off quite teasy, Marc lies back and enjoys being massaged, he is unsure a guy should be touching his uncut cock, but after some reassuring touches he relaxes, his cock grows and once erect he really relaxes.

Cameron gives Marc a right good tough massage and gives Marc a really good wanking and judging at how erect Marc is he is looking to be really enjoying himself.

Lots of bum showing and Marc becomes less shy about showing off that slightly hairy hole. Cameron keeps wanking Marc and before long he is unloading over his abs.

Well done Marc, you didn’t do a thing this shoot, but performed perfectly.


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Straight young man Josh Hesketh take every inch of Jack Windsor’s very large uncut


English Lads says: Josh Hesketh has jumped in at the deep end today and he does a great job at sitting on his first cock.

There is a teasy beginning where the lads strip down, have a cock fight and before you know it they are wanking each other.

Jack Windsor does a great job at showing off Josh’s hole and fingers it a little before shoving up a dildo. Josh seems to be getting slowly broken in as Jack swaps the small dildo for the medium and then the extra large one.

Josh is soon sitting down on a real cock and after a while he is taking every inch of Jack’s very large uncut throbbing erection and he rides it like a pro.

Though judging by his face it’s a bit of a tight squeeze! Lots of fucking later and Josh is unloading, Jack pulls out and dumps a pretty massive load.

Well done Josh, you look great sat astride Jack’s cock.


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Straight young dude Adam Lewis jerks his huge uncut dick


English Lads says: Adam Lewis is a personal trainer who likes taking off his clothes and when you discover how hung he is it’s not surprising Adam is comfortable to be naked. When naked his soft uncut cock seems a normal size, but when he pumps it up a little it’s clear its quite the grower.

When soft he is around 4 inches and when erect his erection throbs at around 9 inches. Adam does a great job at showing off his quads, they look their best when he is bent forward and we are looking at him from behind, his quads look great and anyone wants to see his hairy hole gets a great view.

After all this teasy wanking and showing off his body has made Adam quite horny, he lies back and unloads his cum on his abs. Another straight young man with a massive cock, happy to show us his technique.


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Young straight man footballer Ryan Ledson strips and jerks his big uncut dick


English Lads says: Ryan Ledson is a young straight man who plays a lot of football; has those typical footballer legs, muscular and long and a nicely defined body with rock hard abs.

As his boxers come down, he has that other footballer asset, one great big uncut cock. Must look great in his footie shorts as its big when soft, but when erect his uncut cock is over 7 inches.

He is one of these young lads whose cock goes from soft to rock solid in a matter of seconds and once he is hard he loves playing and teasing himself. Ryan isn’t shy about showing off his body and you can see his almost hair free hole in loads of positions.

I get a feeling Ryan loves showing off on camera, just judge for yourself after seeing his cum shot, this is one big mess, I lost count how many powerful gushes of cum fire out this young studs cocks. Wow thank you Ryan that is you certainly covered in cum.


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Anthony Forde’s uncut cock his erection is over 9 inches and real thick


English Lads says: Anthony Forde plays quite a bit of football and I asked him after the game, when the lads are all in the shower who has the biggest cock.

He says there is always lots of banter, but admits he and one other lad have the largest cocks. Well Anthony has a 6 inch dick when soft so once he pumps his uncut cock his erection is over 9 inches and real thick.

He also admits he takes off his clothes without much encouragement and he shows us today how much he enjoys playing and wanking his uncut cock and he is happy to let us see his hairy hole in some great displays from lots of angles.

After all this teasing Anthony lies back and shoots one massive load and then many more loads, I don’t think I have seen so many squirts come from one man! Well done Anthony, we hope you always cum like that.


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Young straight lad Aaron Kent strips bare and jerking


English Lads says: Aaron Kent is a young straight man who plays lots of football and has discovered a good way to earn some extra money is take off your clothes and have a wank on camera.

And what a great job he does at his new part time career, he strips down to reveal his hairy slim and toned body and his boxers suggest something is not doing a very good job at hiding.

Boxers off and Aaron show off his nice sized uncut cock, he doesn’t seem to be able to keep it down and his semi is soon rising up and sticks nicely skywards when hard.

Aaron does a great job at showing off his body, his lean muscles look great in the sunshine and nothing goes undiscovered as the sun shines revealing his hairy hole in loads of positions.

After all this he sits back and squirts a nice load of cum. Welcome Aaron, we hope you will come on a journey.


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Straight hunk Rich Wills first man on man blowjob with ex Mr Gay UK Dan Broughton


English Lads says: This hot and horny shoot with Rich Wills and Dan Broughton didn’t get on-line at the correct time so here is the first shoot where Rich is sucked by a guy.

He went on and did lots of things, but I guess it all moved on from here and as ever with Rich he didn’t always look like he was enjoying himself, but his massive 9 inch uncut cock was always rock hard and he never had any issues cumming.

Dan does a great job at settling Rich’s nerves and doing a great job at sucking. It all ends with Dan getting a mouthful of Rich’s cum.


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Hairy young naked hunk Jonas Webber strips and jerks his huge 7 inch dick


English Lads says: Jonas Webber is a young man who plays a lot of football and MMA and he one of those lean and toned body that has a nice cover of fuzz.

This is one hairy lad and he seems slightly shy when in his clothes, though get him naked and all hints of shyness disappear and he loves playing with his uncut cock which when erect is well over 7 inches.

His uncut cock looks great when erect and it stands up high and points to the sky, Jonas loves wanking his cock and he does a great job at showing off all of his body and his very hairy hole.

A bit of wanking later and he is cumming a nice load, well done Jonas you look great with all that cum in your hair.


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Sexy Dan Fellows’ strips naked shows off his ripped six pack abs and huge 8 inch uncut dick


English Lads says: Dan Fellows is a striking young lad, he’s very tall, and muscular he plays a lot of sport, and that, along with his handsome face, blonde hair, and flirty nature mean that he’s an incredibly engaging guy.

His blue eyes grab your gaze get your mind wondering. His body is largely smooth, and he’s incredibly confident as he shows off his developed upper body, strong legs, and nice size cock.

He soon gets hard and wanks for us, even sitting back on the sofa and pulling his legs back to show us his lightly hair hole, before shooting thick cum all over his tightening abs.

Nice show, Dan, if all his brothers are like him, then the imagination goes wild.


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Sam Hansworth’s long uncut cock fucks Logan Hardy’s virgin straight ass


English Lads says: Well here is an interesting journey; Logan Hardy did a solo shoot and played a little with his hole and when I teased him about filling it he didn’t say no.

So this young straight man went from teasing his hole to getting it filled. Who better to try something new than straight boy Sam Hansworth who fucks his first guy today.

They both do an exceptional job, rock hard uncut cocks all the way through and Logan managed to cope with Sam’s not only long uncut cock, but its pretty dam thick and Logan rode it like an old hand.

He shot quite a lot of cum, so I think it is another of those shoots where the big lads cock rubbed the straight lads pleasure spot.


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English Lads Will Templeton jerks his huge 8 inch uncut dick to a massive cum shot


English Lads says: We first saw Will Templeton nearly four years ago when he did a shoot for our sister website, Fit Young Men (here) he was tall and lean and very ripped back then and in the in between years he has built some real muscle size and put on nearly 10kgs of muscle.

He is now twenty five and decided to come back and show off a little more and what a great job he does. He is soon naked and his cock is perfectly un-prepped, though within seconds it rises up from being completely on the flop to about 30 seconds later it’s as hard as a rock.

Will loves wanking and he plays and teases us and shows us his hole. After all the wanking he lies back and shoots many impressive loads of cum over his abs and chest, well done Will.


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Footballer Joey Barton wanks his big cock and ends up fingering his hairy ass hole


English Lads says: Joey Barton is a young man who plays lots of football and also does a lot of training for boxing. Today he show us his muscular body, which would be pretty hairy if he didn’t shave his chest.

He shows us a little shadow boxing, is a little nervous at the beginning, but as more clothes come off he becomes more confident.

When he drops his boxers, out flops a real big uncut cock, Joey is hung and once he has it in his hand it swells up and suddenly his nerves have vanished.

Not only does Joey get hard and wank his big cock, but he gets so turned on he ends up fingering his hairy hole and it seems like that just turns him on some more.

He ends up shooting a nice load and then eats his cum. I think we have found a right dirty young straight lad.


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Jack Windsor sucks Tom Sutcliffe’s hung 9 inch dick for the first time


English Lads says: Tom Sutcliffe is a big lad, standing tall at 6’4 and with big muscles you can’t miss this straight man and as Jack finds out every one of his muscles are big.

Jack Windsor looks into Tom’s boxers and can’t believe what he sees, Tom is hung with at least a 9 inch huge dick erection and its chunky. Jack strips Tom and its great watching their interaction; as you’d expect Tom is more than a hint outside of him comfort zone, though his uncut cock is soon throbbing to Jack’s touch and he starts to enjoy the attention.

Just as he gets used to a man touching his cock, Jack is soon sucking Tom’s massive uncut cock, even Jack is struggling to get that all down.

After all this attention Tom lies back and lets Jack pump his cock to an impressive unloading, shooting cum all over the place. Well done Tom, you went for it today.


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Straight English lad Jordan Henderson jerks out a huge cumshot


English Lads says: Jordan Henderson is one of these young men who is laid back and a little shy and this is now the fourth time I have met him. The first time his Mum came along to the meeting and so we have been on quite a journey.

By now he has sort of got used to my compliments about parts of his body and he now only goes slightly red when I say what a nice uncut cock.

In the year I have known him he has grown 2 inches so he is now 6’6 and kept in proportion so both long legs and long body and a nice uncut long cock. Now used to showing off his body he treats us to lots of hole shots and it’s looking like its ready to be used.

After all this teasing and showing off his body he lies back and shoots a nice load on his abs; well done Jordan.


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Sneak peak straight men Tyler Hirst, Aaron Janes, Wesley Seaton and Cameron Donald sucking big uncut dicks

English Lads says: These four straight young men have been enrolled in an art class. Cameron is the model to start with, the 3 potential artists are all, hunky handsome straight lads sketching in just their sexy tight underwear. read more

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