Young stud Ryan Ledson gets a hot man on boy massage from sexy stud Joel Jenkins


English Lads says: Ryan Ledson went quiet after his first shoot and he wasn’t that keen on doing anything but a solo, but he gave into my requests to come and have a relaxing massage and who better than cheeky Joel Jenkins to show Ryan how we do massages at EL.

Ryan lies back and confesses Joel is pretty good with his hands, though before he knows it Ryan is on his front and his hole is being shown off. For a relative newbie himself Joel knows how to work it and does a great job and judging by how hard Ryan’s cock gets I think he enjoyed it a little.

These two straight lads end up wanking off each other and before you know it Joel is lying back unloading and not wanting to be left out Ryan unloads. But his cum shot is not ordinary one, the first squirt fires and hits the pillow behind him, quickly followed by a loads more all over his chest.

Wow Ryan, you know the meaning of doing a cum shot, this one must be right up there in the top 10 massive cum shots.


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Straight young stud Thomas Parks gets his big uncut dick wanked by Joel Jenkins to a huge cumshot


English Lads says: Thomas Parks is a young man with a great physique and today he has agreed to let a lad give him a massage and cheeky straight hunk Joel Jenkins is tasked with the job.

Thomas works out hard at the gym and plays a lot of football, this hunks body is rock solid and Joel works his fingers to relax Thomas’s stiff muscles.

He is soon playing with Thomas uncut cock, playing about with it in a floppy state, though Joel’s good at wanking and is quick to get Thomas rock hard.

Soon both straight lads are naked and wow, a great sight, Joel’s uncut cock is just so hard, though Thomas is just as stiff. A great massage shoot with Joel showing Thomas how his cock should be wanked.

Soon the lads are lying back and unloading their cum on their fuzz covered abs.


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Young ripped stud Joel Jenkins jerks out a huge cumload pt1


English Lads says: After retiring from modelling Joel Jenkins returns and puts on a great show, this young man’s body has developed a little more, very toned and muscular and that uncut cock of his.

It just seems to get even bigger and he was never small and he just gets harder, Joel has an amazing cock that once it’s out in the fresh air he gets hard real quick and stays rock hard.

Joel enjoys showing off his body and today’s shoot could be best described as a bum bonanza with loads of great positions and after all this teasing he lies back and shoots a nice load on his abs.

Joel has promised to come back and be with someone else in his next shoot.


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Young straight lad Greg Hill gets his 1st man wank then jerks Joel Jenkins big uncut dick


English Lads says: Greg Hill is a young man born in South Africa and has lived in London for the last few years, he loves showing off his body and today strips to his boxers and enjoys a nice relaxing massage by cheeky pup Joel Jenkins.

Joel gives Greg a good massage on his back, shoulders, quads, neck and legs, then pulls of Greg’s boxers and drops some oil on his cock and is soon massaging Greg’s swelling cock. The lads have a lot of fun and are soon wanking off each other.

Greg engages and enjoys the shoot, each of the lads wanking each other and before you know it Greg is lying back with cum on his abs. Well done Greg, we didn’t think Joel was going to get naked in this shoot.


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