Lewis Compton’s solid uncut erection doesn’t go down even when he shows his hole


English Lads says: Lewis Compton is a young man recently out of the army and with a little time on his hands he thought he would come and show off his body. A keen footballer, he looks great in his kit and didn’t take much encouragement before he was grabbing his cock, plenty forming a bulge.

As he strips down you can enjoy his naturally hairy body, no trimming with this lad and he is just as happy naked as clothed letting us enjoy his nice and long uncut floppy one. Though it’s not soft for long, the second Lewis touches his cock it gets hard, real hard; he is another straight lad with one of these rocket cocks. read more

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Young straight Army boy Lewis Compton jerks his huge uncut dick


English Lads says: Lewis Compton is a tall, lean young straight lad, just come out of the army. He’s a fit lad, very handsome, with a bit of facial hair and quite a few tattoos decorating his body.

He plays loads of sport, especially football, and barely has an ounce of fat on his toned body. He’s relaxed stripping off for us, showing us the light layer of hair he has on his chest and further down too.

Before long there’s a bulge in his boxers which he’s keen to get out for us! He plays with his uncut cock and also leans down and pulls his bum apart, showing he lightly hairy hole for us. He’s a long shooter when he cums he almost hits his neck. read more

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