Hot muscle boy Arad fucks young stud Cody Blake’s tight smooth ass


Next Door Twink says: It’s not easy being in school, dealing with class, parents, teachers, and a daily flood of hormones. It’s especially tough if when your classmate is Arad. For Cody Blake, the struggle is way too real.

Cody’s had a monster crush on his hot new fellow student since the first moment he laid eyes on him. He knows Arad is from somewhere very exotic and far away, but he’s not exactly sure where. read more

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Rob, Ian Levine and Derrick


Next Door Twink says: Rob and Derrick are such sneaky boys. They’ve crept up on Ian Levine at his house, high up on a hill, in order to spy on his sexy body while he’s in the nude.

They catch him just out of the shower. After spying on his bulbous, sexy ass for a while, they go inside and get him.

Ian is so surprised, but also so turned on. He likes the idea of being handled roughly and receiving a dick in his mouth, while Rob the hottie licks his sweet, tight hole. read more

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Gabriel Bossa and Jerek Miles


Next Door Twink says: Gabriel Bossa misses his ex boyfriend. They were so good together and the sex was amazing. While sitting on his bed, reminiscing with a picture on an iPad and his ex’s cum stained undies, Gabriel remembers the good times. But a visitor at his doorbell distracts him. It’s his neighbor, Jerek Miles.

Jerek just came over to borrow some cream for a recipe, but he notices all the cream on Gabriel’s underpants. Jerek makes a move and grabs Gabriel’s bulge. Gabriel, still crushed over the ex, reciprocates by kissing Jerek on the mouth. They go upstairs to Gabriel’s room, where they start off by removing their clothes. read more

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Ace Parker solo jerk off

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Next Door Twink says: After a day exploring the hillside grounds, we catch up with Ace Parker by the pool, where he basks in the afternoon dusk. He’s stroking his cock in the golden warmth of the sun, wacking it against his stomach and then flogging it reverse.

Ace plays with his hole as he stretches his ass cheeks out wide for you to see, before reclining back on a lounger and exploding his load all over his washboard abs. read more

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Rookie and JT Stryder


Next Door Twink says: Rookie is in for a surprise! After some time sitting still while JT Stryder paints his nude body, Rookie grows too curious not to take action.

Soon, JT is sucking Rookie’s nice cock, a moment JT has dreamed of for a long time.

See Rookie and JT Stryder fucking here!

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Micky Mackenzie, Zak Reed and Cameron Walker

Micky sucks Zak’s large, stiff twink cock while Cameron slurps on Micky’s dick!…… read more

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Sam Truitt


Next Door Twink says: Meet a very handsome, sexy Twink named Sam Truitt. He’s an easy going guy who loves turning on all who care to feast their eyes.

He’s introducing himself and sharing a few fun facts. Sam is a huge Batman fan, evidenced by the large, realistic looking tattoo, and hopes to one day appear in a big, Hollywood Batman blockbuster.

Sam also loves spending time with his real-life boyfriend and fellow Next Door Twink, Trent Ferris. Sam is explaining a little bit about the couple’s sexual habits, including some interesting info about ass eating. read more

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Tommy White is finally getting to wrap his mouth around Joey Moriarty’s enormous cock


Next Door Twink says: Joey Moriarty has been very excited over the amazing guy with whom he’s been chatting online. But when his friend Tommy White fesses up to being the mystery man, Joey’s mind is blown along with his dick.

Tommy can’t believe that Joey has had a crush on him the whole time too. It’s the best scenario he could have hoped for.

Now the two are letting their fantasies become reality as they finally hook up for the first time, right in Joey’s parents’ garage. Tommy is finally getting to wrap his mouth around Joey’s enormous cock. read more

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Seamus O’Rilley

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Next Door Twink says: Now here’s a lad with a strong Irish heart, aiming to titillate. He’s Seamus O’Rilley and his gorgeous Twink body and wonderful smile will steal your breath away and make you want to grab your own cock for stroking pleasure.

Meet the boy and come along. He’s showing you his mastery with a baseball bat, then bringing you poolside to watch him swim and play. read more

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Sexy young boy Maxim Rose

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Next Door Twink says: Cute and sexy young dark haired boy stands by the pool. Maxim Rose strips off his shirt and undoes the buttons on his pants showing off his tight undies. He heads into the garage to get down to business.

He spins around showing off his cute boy ass dropping his pants to his ankles. Turning around Maxim lifts up his arms to show off his hairy armpits.

Down below his waist he’s packing quite a crotch bulge in his underwear. He reaches inside and plays with his soft young boy cock. read more

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