Luke Hamill and Rick Lautner


Belami says: As the first model to get an extensive introduction over this summer, we introduced you to Rick Lautner a few weeks back and are happy today to bring you his first suck scene with Luke Hamill. As you probably all know Luke has rarely ventured in front of the cameras over the past couple years, so this is one of his final training sessions. You will get to see Rick’s interview and JO next week, and his first photo session later this month.


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Rick Lautner and Alec Rothko


Belami says: Being tall and lean seems to just be a natural part of Rick Lautner’s makeup. An avid skier and ski instructor, Rick has quite a devoted fitness routine which he goes through, although as we see here he is quite happy for it to be interrupted is someone like Alec Rothko comes along and wants to fuck him.


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