Young stud Ryan Ledson gets a hot man on boy massage from sexy stud Joel Jenkins


English Lads says: Ryan Ledson went quiet after his first shoot and he wasn’t that keen on doing anything but a solo, but he gave into my requests to come and have a relaxing massage and who better than cheeky Joel Jenkins to show Ryan how we do massages at EL.

Ryan lies back and confesses Joel is pretty good with his hands, though before he knows it Ryan is on his front and his hole is being shown off. For a relative newbie himself Joel knows how to work it and does a great job and judging by how hard Ryan’s cock gets I think he enjoyed it a little. read more

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Young straight man footballer Ryan Ledson strips and jerks his big uncut dick


English Lads says: Ryan Ledson is a young straight man who plays a lot of football; has those typical footballer legs, muscular and long and a nicely defined body with rock hard abs.

As his boxers come down, he has that other footballer asset, one great big uncut cock. Must look great in his footie shorts as its big when soft, but when erect his uncut cock is over 7 inches.

He is one of these young lads whose cock goes from soft to rock solid in a matter of seconds and once he is hard he loves playing and teasing himself. Ryan isn’t shy about showing off his body and you can see his almost hair free hole in loads of positions. read more

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Footballer aged 18 years old Ryan Ledson strips down to his soccer kit

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