Sam Truitt


Next Door Twink says: Meet a very handsome, sexy Twink named Sam Truitt. He’s an easy going guy who loves turning on all who care to feast their eyes.

He’s introducing himself and sharing a few fun facts. Sam is a huge Batman fan, evidenced by the large, realistic looking tattoo, and hopes to one day appear in a big, Hollywood Batman blockbuster.

Sam also loves spending time with his real-life boyfriend and fellow Next Door Twink, Trent Ferris. Sam is explaining a little bit about the couple’s sexual habits, including some interesting info about ass eating. read more

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Sam Truitt and Trent Ferris


Next Door Twink says: When Trent Ferris notices Sam Truitt is squeezing and playing with something chubbing up in his pants, Trevor Spade asks Sam if he needs any ‘help.’ First Trent is pulling some sucking duty on Sam while Trevor fattens up Trent’s big dick.

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Aiden Summers and Sam Truitt


Next Door Twink says: Sam Truitt comes out of his clothes and Aiden Summers takes Sam’s raging-hard cock into his mouth. Then Sam stands up, positions Aiden, and inserts his throbbing dick into Aiden’s tight hole.

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