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Broke Straight Boys says: Zander Floyd and Gage Owens are both beach bums in their own way, and today they’re going to make some waves and ride some dick. As they make out and kiss each other, Zander takes a minute to pull Gage’s clothing off piece by piece, then his own comes off next and before you know it he’s lying on top of Gage and sucking Gage’s delicious meat.

He’s not giving head for long before Gage pulls Zander up toward his face and takes that dick in his mouth, the oral action getting them both horny as fuck. Zander gets his mouth stuffed full of meat again as Gage straddles his face, and once they’re both as hard as they can get they move on to ass-pounding, and looks like Gage is the lucky one to bottom today. read more

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Jason Sterling and John Henry hot raw cock fucking


Broke Straight Boys says: John Henry and Jason Sterling have gotten a chance to get to know each other outside the studio, but now they can get acquainted in the closest way possible by fucking each other. Their kissing and making out takes them to the next level as they get hornier and climb onto the bed, Jason stripping off John’s pants and tackling John’s giant cock with his mouth, sucking it and shoving it down his throat as John pushes it deeper. read more

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Dakota Ford fucks Jaycee Barker’s asshole for the first time

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Broke Straight Boys says: Jaycee Barker wanted to come back, this time we paired him with the rugged Dakota Ford. Watch as they jerk each other off, do some cock-sucking, and then Jaycee takes a dick for the first time.

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Antonio Drake shaves his balls and pubic bush

Antonio jerks his big boy cock to a huge creamy cumshot!…… read more

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Logan Slater and Zander Floyd raw ass fucking


Broke Straight Boys says: Logan Slater is one of our newbies here on BSB, and after smashing out a great solo scene he’s ready to move on to bigger things like Zander Floyd’s cock. Logan is nervous about having a dude’s dick in his mouth, but Zander proves to be a great teacher as he leads Logan into it slowly.

They get a few kisses in before Zander decides to show Logan how to give head by demonstrating on Logan’s own dick, stripping off Logan’s pants and taking his cock in his mouth, massaging it with his lips and tongue. read more

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Chandler Scott deep throats Danny Cannon’s nice dick until he’s hard


Broke Straight Boys says: Danny Cannon and Chandler Scott have been hitting the gym and it shows, these guys have buffed up and filled out a little, and as busy as they’ve been they’re back in the studio to give their fans some more. They take their pants and shirts off and make out, kissing gently as their cocks grow a bit bigger in their boxers until those come off too and Danny is on his knees sucking Chandler off. read more

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Ripped abs toned ass and a huge cock meet young straight Devon Felix


Broke Straight Boys says: Devon Felix is a newbie, and we’re very excited to welcome this attractive, soft-spoken young man. His looks are enough to entice you with his clothes on, but when he loses his shirt and drops his pants well, it just doesn’t get much better than this. Ripped abs, toned ass, a huge cock, and of course that sexy smile, Devon’s the full package.

When we ask him to sit back and relax, his nerves calm down and he grabs hold of that giant dick, getting it hard in no time as he runs his hand up and down his shaft, making eye contact with the camera as he masturbates. read more

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Ian Dempsey bareback fucks Vadim Black

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Broke Straight Boys says: Ian Dempsey and Vadim Black are finally paired up for a scene together, and they certainly are one sexy pair.

They kiss and make out, stripping off their clothes and pressing their toned, muscular bodies together for a moment before they rub each other’s dicks and then 69, using their hot, wet mouths to get one another hard.

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Bareback ass fucking Devon Felix and David Hardy


Broke Straight Boys says: Devon Felix might not be ready to take a dick yet, but David Hardy isn’t going to let that stop him as he captures Devon’s lips with his own and kisses him hard, making out as they both strip their clothes off.

Devon gets his mouth filled with cock first as he goes down on David, sucking that big dick and the letting David taste Devon’s cock next. Devon watches David work his magic then watches as he buries his face between Devon’s ass cheeks and licks Devon’s tight hole, running his tongue over that sensitive entrance while Devon jerks his own dick. read more

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John Henry slides his long dick into Danny Cannon pumping him full of raw cock


Broke Straight Boys says: John Henry and Danny Cannon have been taking it easy in their free time, but now it’s time to get to work and they get right to it, locking lips with deep kisses as they warm each other up.

John makes his way down to Danny’s cock, freeing that fat dick from Danny’s pants and sucking on it, then getting some amazing head in return as Danny gets on his knees and sucks John’s big cock, playing with his balls while he works his mouth on that sweet dick. read more

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