Jack King and Johnny Rapid


Men.com says: Johnny Rapid is hard at work blowing Jack King in the dorm bathroom when Tom Faulk comes to take a shower. Not one to pass a hot opportunity, Tom gets hard then fucks Johnny’s tight ass.



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Dirk Caber, Jarec Wentworth and Tom Faulk


Men.com says: In the final part of the series “Men for Sale” versatile Dirk Caber takes dick as hard as he gives it. Tom Faulk and Jarec Wentworth are hot as fuck getting off in this amazing new scene.



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Bennett Anthony and Tom Faulk


Men.com says: Golf buddies Bennett Anthony and Tom Faulk fuck in a bathroom at the country club in part two of Series “Swingers”. Bennett stuffs his thick cock all the way into Tom Faulk’s horny hole. The ginger pubes smashing against Tom’s lily white ass are sure to make you cum.



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Ricky Decker and Tom Faulk


Men.com says: After the mandatory “this is not appropriate” protest from the coach, the action begins. Tom Faulk is hot and horny and uses his hard dick to pound coach Ricky Decker right in his bubble butt. This is the first scene for Ricky Decker.



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Tom Faulk and Travis James


Men.com says: Connor Kline leaves his boyfriend, Travis James behind as he sets off for military duty. When Travis receives a call that Connor been hurt, he follows the advice of a friend and goes to the gym to keep his mind of his devastation. At the gym, Tom Faulk does his part to help Travis feel better by fucking him in the locker room.


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Colt Rivers, Phenix Saint, Rob Ryder, Steve Stiffer and Tom Faulk

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Tom Faulk and Jake Wilder


Men.com says: When a shirtless hunk like Jake Wilder shows up at the back window rubbing his already rock hard dick inappropriately, what would you do? You’d go after him and fuck him! At least that’s what Tom Faulk went for. He managed to fuck Jake’s tight muscled ass hole till he unloaded his seed.


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Jake Wilder and Tom Faulk

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Owen Michael, Jack King and Armando De Armas

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Tom Faulk and Connor Maguire


Men.com says: Demanding boss Connor Maguire makes young cute intern Tom Faulk very nervous. As Tom bends over to wipe up the coffee he inadvertently spilled all over Connor’s crotch, Connor’s dick stands straight up erect. In less than a second Tom is getting his tight asshole deeply fucked by Connor’s huge cock.



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