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Extra Big Dicks says: Both guys have entered the shower and when Alexander Garrett get’s naked Angel Ventura is shocked to see how big his cock is.

Alexander stands in front of him and plays with it until it is fully hard and then tells Angel he can touch it too.

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Extra Big Dicks says: Matt Wingman is sitting in the locker room with his pants down, stroking his huge cock and watching porn on his phone with the janitor Mike Lobo comes in to clean the locker room.

He tells Matt they are closed, but Matt keeps stroking and Mike cannot help but stare at him.

As Mike strokes his broom handle, Matt invites him to stroke his big cock.

Mike drops to his knees and starts sucking Matt and doing his best to deep throat it. read more

Alexander Garrett pumps his big cock deep into Scott Riley’s tight bubble ass fucking the cum out of him


Extra Big Dicks says: Scott Riley and Alexander Garrett are back in the locker room after their workout and Scott’s shoulder is bothering him.

Alexander offers to help him my rubbing his shoulders and as he does, his massive cock gets aroused and rubs against Scott who is surprised and excited by it.

Scott grabs it and starts stroking it inside his sweatpants before pulling it out and sucking it. read more

Mike De Marko fucks Zane Taylor as he strokes his cock and makes him cum

Extra Big Dicks says: Mike De Marko and Zane Taylor are sitting in the locker room and Mike is questioning Zane on what happened with his relationship with Billy.

Zane opens up and admits that the sex was not good enough and that Billy had a small cock that did not satisfy him.

Seeing his opportunity, Mike makes a move on Zane and once Zane discovers that Mike has a big cock, he cannot resist. read more

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Sean Duran fucks Riley Mitchel’s tight bubble ass making him beg for his big dick


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Hardcore ass fucking threesome Valentin Petrov, Fernando Del Rio and Zeke Weidman


Extra Big Dicks says: Zeke Weidman has a surprise for his longtime boyfriend Valentin Petrov who is dead asleep dreaming of cocks and balls. Zeke has brought in the next door neighbors landscaper Fernando Del Rio to help out in the bedroom.

Valentin wakes up and sees that they are checking out his extremely big uncut cock and Fernando wants to take a test drive on that bad boy. Fully awake they all get into bed with Valentin and begin to share that sexy big dick of his. read more

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Devin Adams and Cesar Rossi deep throat sucking down all the 8 inches of Maxx Monroe’s huge erect cock

Extra Big Dicks says: Cesar Rossi and Devin Adams are in the locker room discussing the twink they saw in the gym and the fact that he obviously has a huge cock hanging between his legs from what they could see through his shorts.

While chatting Maxx Monroe walks into the locker room and starts undressing for the shower. As he turns around, both Cesar and Devin are amazed at the huge cock hanging between his legs. read more

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Max Sargent sucks Steven Ponce’s huge cock then bends him over and rims his tight ass hole

Extra Big Dicks says: Max Sargent is sitting at home when he calls Steven Ponce. He is horny and wants to know when Steven is finally going to come over so he can fuck his tight ass. Steven is nervous because he has never had a cock as thick as Max’s before and not sure he can handle it.

Max tells him that he will be gentle and Steven agrees to come over. While Max is waiting for Steven, he starts to jack his massively thick cock. Steven knocks at the door and once inside Max has his cock out and Steven gets down on his knees instantly and starts sucking it. read more

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Aaron Trainer sucks Jake Morgan’s huge cock before burying his tongue deep in Jake’s hairy ass hole


Extra Big Dicks says: Aaron Trainer and Jake Morgan are in the locker room getting ready for Jake’s training session. Aaron is trying to speed him up, but Jake is not happy that it is leg day and he is moving very slow.

Aaron turns out, totally naked revealing his big cock, and Jake is wide eyed and surprised to see how big it is. Aaron notices he is excited and he moves closer to let Jake get a closer look. He starts stroking Aaron’s huge cock as they make out with each other. read more

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Extra Big Dicks says: Bryce Evans met a guy named Jaxton Wheeler at the gym who has a nice thick fat cock and he has told his lover Hans Berlin that he invited him over to play with them.

Both are a little nervous, and when Jaxton arrives they waste no time in getting down to business. All three climb on the bed and start kissing and groping each other.

Once the clothes are off, Bryce and Hans share Jaxton’s big fat cock with each other taking turns sucking it. Bryce then move to Hans’s big fat dick and sucks him while Hans continues sucking Jaxton. read more

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