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Freshmen says: Introducing us to the charming Viggo Sorensen is Director Luke Hamill who is standing in for our regular interviewer George Duroy. You will probably note an unusually close rapport between Luke and Viggo and that he is strangely relaxed for a first-time model.

The explanation is the unusual career trajectory he has underwent with us. You see, Viggo worked as a cameraman for about a year before deciding to go in front of the camera. Normally models that work as cameramen do so after their modeling days are over. read more

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Freshmen says: Inspector Clouseau is to Hercule Poirot as Jerome is to Cassanova. Jerome Exupery may bumble and stumble but he, like Clouseau, generally accomplishes his objective.

Today that objective is Joaquin Arrenas. After neatly getting rid of Peter, he sneaks Joaquin off to his secret love nest to engage in a clandestine quickie.

You will see at the end of the clip, Peter is not as easily fooled as Jerome thinks. read more

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Freshmen says: Probably the most foolish thing any of our boys can do while on location is to hang a ‘do not disturb’ sign on the door while they are jerking off. It is a sure fire invitation for someone like Adam to come waltzing in with him camera to find out what is going on.

Luckily for Kevin Warhol, Adam Archuleta is such a good friend and decides to help him out by providing him with a fuck buddy, Orri Aasen. read more

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Freshmen says: Mael Gauthier’s reputation for shyness is undeserved. He’s just a bit more reserved than the rest of our rowdy bunch. Two members of that bunch, Kevin and Adam, attempt to break Mael from his shell through a benevolent prank.

They tell him he is coming for a photo shoot, but their real intention is for him to give Pip Caulfield the fucking of his life. He’s surprised at first but recovers quickly enough to show Pip why Hungarians have a reputation for being great lovers. read more

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Freshmen says: We’ll give him this: He tried. But there was no way Sven Basquiat was ever going to convince Peter Annaud to become a vegetarian. Like any great salesman, he knows his audience, enticing Peter with the allure that vegetarianism will give him “More energy for sex”. All this sex talk makes Sven hungry for the one piece of “meat” he’ll consume the one between Peter’s legs. Peter elects to demonstrate the advantages of carnivorous desires on Sven by fucking the cum out of him. He then shoots out a hefty dose of animalistic protein over Sven’s eager hole. read more

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Freshmen says: Prague in winter is beautiful. You will see this in the opening to this special double scene with Jim Durden and Justin Saradon.

While the boys appreciate the scenic beauty, they don’t like the cold that comes with it.

Fortunately, they find some “warm up” activities.

This was filmed one week before last year’s Christmas by Luke Hamill and we feel it is Jim’s best scene to date. read more