Conrad and Philip raw big cock bareback ass fucking

Sean Cody says: Conrad was ready to jump Philip’s bones after seeing that ass of his.

“I heard that ass is tight.”

Philip confirmed it, “It’s pretty tight.”

Conrad’s face lit up, “That’s exciting I like that.”

Needless to say, he owned Philip’s ass and our hungry bottom loved every second of it.

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Asher sucks Lachlan’s big dick then takes it bareback doggy style

Sean Cody says: As they go for a walk in the country, tanned Latin hunk Asher can’t keep his hands off tall, muscular Lachlan… especially his muscled ass.

The guys make out surrounded by nature, then head back to the studio where they can go au naturel, stripping out of their clothes as they kiss and caress each other’s bodies.

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sean cody  Scotty

Sean Cody says: Super sexy muscled dude Scotty strips off his shorts showing off his hairy chest and beautiful muscled body. As he turns around you see the tan lines across his cute bubble butt. Scotty jerks his long cock with his low hanging balls bouncing up and down in time to the rhythm. As Scotty gets close to his orgasm he speeds up before blowing a huge load of muscle cum right across that hairy chest. read more

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Hot muscle boy Jayce bareback fucks Blake’s tight bubble asshole

Sean Cody says: “Ready to fuck?” asks horny top Jayce as he gets cozy with tall, handsome Blake.

“The real question is, are you?” Blake responds.

Jayce is more than ready, as Blake sees for himself when he kneels in front of him and sucks his cock.

Blake is ready too, as Jayce tongues his hole and then fucks him doggy style.

The dominant top loves seeing the sexy bottom on his knees as he pounds him till he cums, then hungrily swallows Jayce’s load. read more

Jax, Manny and Lane bareback ass fucking threesome

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Sean Cody says: Blond-haired Jax could not be more excited as he is about to have his first threesome with athletic Lane and well-built Manny. Tall, muscular hunk Jax gets to share these two beautiful, dark-haired bottoms and he wastes no time getting right into it. “Take it off, let’s go! Let’s get in a circle!” says Jax, as the men start sucking on each other’s big dicks. “Does it taste good?” asks Manny. “It tastes fucking good,” replies Lane. “I got you two to myself! You two suck my dick so good,” says a satisfied Jax. This threesome is so hot; you’ll want to join them too! read more

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Brysen and Randy waste no time with Manny on all fours pumping his ass and mouth with their big cocks

Sean Cody says: It’s day 2 in sunny Puerto Rico, and these sexy men have plans to take full advantage of the weather and of each other’s company.

Brysen and Randy waste no time bringing Manny on all fours and making him moan in pleasure it doesn’t get any better than three guys going at it in paradise.

See Brysen and Randy waste no time with Manny on all fours pumping his ass and mouth with their big cocks here!


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Ross bareback fucks Porter’s muscle ass

sean cody  Ross bareback fucks Porters muscle ass

Sean Cody says: Sexy tanned muscle hunk Porter kneels and takes Ross’ big cock into his mouth. He chokes it down right to the back of his throat.

Porter hovers his asshole right over Ross’ cock then presses himself down hard. Ross pumps his raw cock in and out of his anal hole.

The horny muscle boys bareback fucking continues until both guys are on the edge of orgasm.

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Kurt breeds Manny’s hot raw hole with his huge muscle dick

Sean Cody says: Tall stud Kurt and muscular hunk Manny take a romantic walk on the beach, enjoying the shade of the palm trees as they flex their muscles and pose for the camera.

Back at the Sean Cody studio, the guys impatiently undress each other, and Manny sucks Kurt’s cock before exposing his hole for Kurt’s tongue.

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New York Hockey player Vito is looking for someone to eat his asshole for now he jerks out a huge load of hot boy cum

Sean Cody says: The first thing you’ll notice about Vito’s New York Hockey player is his accent. Most people assume he’s from England and they’re shook when he tells them he’s actually from New York.

It’s kind of his go-to conversation starter.

Although he claims to be an anal virgin and says he’s “waiting for the right person to eat his hole”, he’s not opposed to spreading it wide open for a nude selfie if you ask. read more

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Donny gets into the swing of bareback fucking his first guy Perry ain’t complaining


Sean Cody says: Sexy young muscle boy Perry and young ripped muscle dude Donny kiss passionately as they stand waist naked their cocks already hardening in their board shorts.

Perry kneels on the floor taking Donny’s huge cock deep to the back of his throat. Donny is surprised at how nice Perry’s cock sucking is, better than his girlfriend no doubt.

This horny blowjob gets Donny all excited and he quickly gets in the mood to raw fuck Perry’s bare muscle bubble butt. read more

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