Raunchiest bottom Lane gets his hot ass fucked by Nathan’s big dick


Sean Cody says: “Lane, you are getting quite the reputation around here.” “Oh yeah? In what way?” “For being one of our raunchiest bottoms!” Lane smiled and started to laugh a bit. “I can’t help it! I like it!”

Lane really has pushed the envelope and I knew he would help Nathan open up a bit. Nathan has done a couple films, but I always thought there was more to him hiding in there somewhere. read more

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Brodie and Brendan hardcore raw butt fucking continues until both sexy young men can hold off no longer


Sean Cody says: Sexy shaved headed, ripped muscle stud Brodie bareback fucks young muscle boy Brendan’s tight man hole. Brodie sucks down deep on Brendan’s hard erect uncut dick before turning him around and planting his tongue deep between his tight bubble butt ass cheeks.

Getting his asshole nice and well lubed with his mouth before plunging his raw dick into Brendan’s tight man hole. Bareback fucking him again and again getting deeper and deeper untill his balls are banging against Brendan’s ass. read more

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Sexy muscle jock Gary bareback fucking muscle stud Tanner’s tight man hole


Sean Cody says: New muscle top Gary bareback fucks the tight man hole of Sean Cody’s sexy muscle hunk Tanner. Hairy chested Tanner rides in a number of steaming hot sexual positions, each one getting Gary’s huge raw muscle dick deeper and deeper between Tanners bubble butt ass cheeks.

Gary’s hardcore raw ass fucking ends when he can hold on no longer and blows a big load of muscle cum. Gary sprays Tanner with his creamy cum quickly followed by Tanner’s equally impressive cumshot. One coupling that is sure to blow your top or bottom. read more

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sean cody  Scotty

Sean Cody says: Super sexy muscled dude Scotty strips off his shorts showing off his hairy chest and beautiful muscled body. As he turns around you see the tan lines across his cute bubble butt. Scotty jerks his long cock with his low hanging balls bouncing up and down in time to the rhythm. As Scotty gets close to his orgasm he speeds up before blowing a huge load of muscle cum right across that hairy chest. read more

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Ross bareback fucks Porter’s muscle ass

sean cody  Ross bareback fucks Porters muscle ass

Sean Cody says: Sexy tanned muscle hunk Porter kneels and takes Ross’ big cock into his mouth. He chokes it down right to the back of his throat.

Porter hovers his asshole right over Ross’ cock then presses himself down hard. Ross pumps his raw cock in and out of his anal hole.

The horny muscle boys bareback fucking continues until both guys are on the edge of orgasm.

See Ross bareback fucking Porter’s muscle ass here!

read more

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Donny gets into the swing of bareback fucking his first guy Perry ain’t complaining


Sean Cody says: Sexy young muscle boy Perry and young ripped muscle dude Donny kiss passionately as they stand waist naked their cocks already hardening in their board shorts.

Perry kneels on the floor taking Donny’s huge cock deep to the back of his throat. Donny is surprised at how nice Perry’s cock sucking is, better than his girlfriend no doubt.

This horny blowjob gets Donny all excited and he quickly gets in the mood to raw fuck Perry’s bare muscle bubble butt. read more

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Sean Cody muscle boys Jack and Cole hardcore bareback ass fucking


Sean Cody says: Jack has gotten so ripped since the last time we saw him, “I’ve been working out a lot actually”.

Cole felt a little intimidated, but quickly realized that’s exactly what he wanted. “Do you feel like you’re gonna be man-handled a little bit?” We asked knowing full well he would be.

“I hope so!” Cole was excited about the idea. Jack definitely liked Cole as well. “I prefer my men to be a bit more on the petit side”, he smiled and looked at Cole. read more

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Chad and Eddie


Sean Cody says: Sexy hairy chested muscle hunk Chad slips his huge thick black dick deep between Eddie’s bubble butt ass cheeks. Chad bare fucks Eddie hard and rough pumping his raw cock deeper and deeper until his balls are ready to give up their man seed. Chad explodes in a huge cumshot across both muscle men.

See Chad and Eddie bareback ass fucking here! read more

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Hairy chested muscle hunk Kelvin strips off down to his sexy white undies


Sean Cody says: Hairy chested muscle hunk Kelvin strips off down to his sexy white undies. Kelvin shows off his tattooed arms and well built chest and ripped six pack abs.

Kelvin’s dick is already hard and erect as he starts to jerk it slowly. Handsome young man Kelvin continues jerking his cock, his breathing more laboured as he comes closer to his orgasm.

With a few quick breaths, Kelvin blows a full cum load across his abs making a huge sticky mess. read more

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Sean Cody’s Ollie hardcore raw ass fucking Pete till his bare dick is sore


Sean Cody says: Dark haired muscle boy Ollie gets his big hard cock sucked, balls deep by blond muscled stud Pete. Sexy Ollie then turns his attention to Pete’s bubble butt asshole.

Parting Pete’s ass cheeks Ollie gets his tongue deep into Pete’s tight pink man hole. Rimming him deep till he’s all lubed up and ready for a good ass fucking.

Pete relaxes a little as Ollie presses his huge dick deep into Pete’s asshole. The look on Pete’s face shows he really needed this bareback ass banging. read more

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