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Brodie and Brendan hardcore raw butt fucking continues until both sexy young men can hold off no longer


Sean Cody says: Sexy shaved headed, ripped muscle stud Brodie bareback fucks young muscle boy Brendan’s tight man hole. Brodie sucks down deep on Brendan’s hard erect uncut dick before turning him around and planting his tongue deep between his tight bubble butt ass cheeks.

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Older muscle stud Daniel bareback fucks younger Archie’s hot bubble butt ass

Sean Cody says: Handsome silver fox Daniel has been looking forward to his scene with Archie for a while.

“Although, he’s like a fucking bad boy, got that classic look, he’s got a really cute face. And I’m excited to cum on it!”

He’s also hoping to make today his first ever creampie, and Archie is more than ready.

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Pavel and a very vocal bottom Grayson

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Bareback fucking with Coner and Brandon

Sean Cody says: “My boyfriend is gonna be so jealous when he hears who I’m working with today.” Coner said. He was clearly excited. “You know he can suck his own dick?”

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Sean Cody says: Young muscle dude, Jimmy has a lithe ripped body with a smattering of interesting tattoos. As he strips out of his shorts Jimmy manhandles his soft cock, it slowly becoming rock hard. He jerks it hard with swift long strokes until he spurts forth a huge orgasm of muscle boy cum.

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Sean Cody Titus is nervous as shit as Brandon launches a hardcore raw fucking of his tight virgin asshole

Sean Cody says: Titus was really nervous; putting on a huge smile, accompanied by the giggles but really, he was just very enthused by the fact that Brandon would give him a good pounding.

Brandon blushed bashfully, but when it came right down to it, he really gave it to Titus and inevitably broke him out of his shyness.

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Casper’s huge cock fucks newbie Sean Cody Dean’s tight muscled bubble butt

Sean Cody says: Casper is already back and it’s his first time doing anything sexual with a guy.
Dean clearly liked what he saw and couldn’t stop touching Casper, impatiently waiting for the moment to suck his dick and show him a good time.

Casper loved every second of it, “I like when he touches me, it feels good.”

Dean explained himself, “I’m a slut!” Enough said.

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Ace bottoms for the first time for Jack’s big thick dick

Sean Cody says: Yet another hot newbie is back, and we were pleasantly surprised.

“For Jack over here, I had to make the trip.”

This is Ace’s first time bottoming, and it’s about time! With an ass like that, it’s shocking that nobody has been inside that bubble butt of his.

Muscle giant Jack had fun dominating, and Ace couldn’t have asked for more on his first time taking dick.

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Sexy young muscle studs Sean and Josh bareback flip flop ass fucking ends swapping creampies

Sean Cody says: For a guy who’s taken off his clothes on camera dozens of times, stripping off in the great outdoors shouldn’t present a challenge, but Sean might surprise you.

“I’ve never been to a nude beach. You would think that I wouldn’t be as nervous as I am…” says Sean with a laugh.

“Don’t be nervous,” coaxes cute scene partner Josh, who doesn’t hesitate to strip down and rock out with his cock out. read more