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Sean Cody says: It’s a stunning day in California, so Kurt picks up Daniel in his convertible with the top down to drive over to the Sean Cody studio.

“Thanks for giving me a ride,” says Daniel.

“Want me to give YOU a ride?” Kurt is ready to go, and Daniel gives him a deep pounding as Kurt moans, “It feels so fucking good in my ass!”

Kurt crosses the finish line first as Daniel fucks him in pile driver, and the silver fox pulls out and cums right after. read more

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Sean Cody says: Beefy bros Brock and Jack have a novel way to select who’s going to top today: “I’ve decided that we’re gonna arm wrestle, and whoever wins two out of three is going to top,” says Jack.

Both guys seem pretty confident about their chances, and their muscles are just about evenly matched, so it’s anyone’s game.

After three bouts, Brock comes out on top, and he immediately establishes dominance by putting Jack on his knees to suck his cock, then sitting on Jack’s face. read more

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Sean Cody says: Muscular, tattooed hunk Sean is catching rays at the beach in his tight swim trunks when surfer Lachlan strides up with his board.

The hunks eye each other up and wordlessly head back to the house, where Sean immediately starts sucking Lachlan’s cock before he rides that dick.

The horny bottom loves getting fucked deep in doggy style, and the naughty top covers Sean’s ass and balls in his cum, then licks it off before going straight to round two. read more

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Sean Cody says: Manny wants to know what gets handsome all-American hottie Jeb hot and bothered.

“Lots of foreplay, passion, feeling… Kissing’s good, neck-biting, sinking teeth in,” Jeb lists, before asking what gets Manny all riled up: “Uh… dick!” the bottom replies.

Luckily for Manny, Jeb’s got plenty of that, and he treats him to a nice deep doggystyle fuck before Manny rides his big cock till he cums, then takes Jeb’s massive load in his mouth. read more

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Sean Cody says: No matter how good you are, you can always learn something new, and Archie is stoked to pick up a few tips from experienced hottie Blake on set today.

“Do you have a couple of tricks you haven’t shown anyone?

You must be a pro by this point,” flatters Archie.

“I could whip something out, I think. You seem pretty experienced yourself,” Blake retorts.

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Sean Cody says: Brysen and Noah have known each other for about two years, since Brysen was running an underwear contest in Florida.

“I ended up picking him as the winner of the underwear contest.

And I invited him back to my room and fucked the shit out of him,” Brysen confesses.

Today, Noah says he’s still got a crush on the Sean Cody hunk, and he’s most looking forward to “Getting fucked really good.” read more

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Sean Cody says: Cole wants a taste of Randy’s big dick! The handsome bottom slowly kisses down Randy’s neck and chest, then drops to his knees to kiss the top’s stomach before finally sucking that big cock.

“You ready for this?” Randy asks as he prepares to penetrate Cole ultra-deep in pile driver.

“Fuck yeah,” Cole says, adding with a gasp, “Oh, you’re so fuckin big!”

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Sean Cody says: Longtime Sean Cody favorite Randy is a man on a mission: “Trying to have the most films out of anyone, hopefully.”

Here to help him with his fifty-first scene is hot bottom Shane, who loves getting fucked by big dicks.

“I like getting fucked hard, nice and deep. I like bottoming more, just so I can be at their will,” says Shane.

Randy is happy to show this newbie a thing or two, and the pair trade sensual blowjobs before Shane hops on Randy’s big, thick cock. read more

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Sean Cody says: Jayce and Lane are so impatient today at Sean Cody HQ that they get right down to it, starting with Jayce teasing Lane’s ass with his lubed-up cock before licking his tight hole.

“Can’t wait to put my dick in there,” says Jayce before sliding it all the way inside. Lane moans with lust.

“Fuck yeah, pound that fuckin’ ass!” Lane wants to ride that dick till he cums, then licks Jayce’s cock clean after he blows a huge load. read more

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Sean Cody says: Sean was hoping to keep it a surprise, but Robbie can’t hold back the news that he’s topping today as the guys get flirty on a sun-dappled wooded path.

Sean hasn’t heard anything yet about Robbie’s topping skills, adding, “I’m excited to see what you got going.”

“I’m packing some heat, don’t you worry,” Robbie confidently replies.

The guys head inside where they get right down to it: Sean sucks Robbie’s cock and then hops on to ride him reverse. Robbie definitely brings the heat as he pounds Sean’s ass till they both cum. read more